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Mar 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
of the deal by extending the debt ceiling. because they wanted to make the democrats vote on a budget. lou: how can so many members of our senate continued to spend whatever and the like they have on these procedural maneuvers. >> that is basically what the senate does. >> there i go. >> constituency to get the house and the senate together. no presidential leadership yet for a grand bargain. no sense that we can reform the tax system and entitlements. perform defense and have a rational rational and reasonable defense. >> why in the world is the president of the united states not moving forward with a budget that would be a blueprint to resolving those proposals? >> the words that seem to be operative here are cowardice or opportunism. it has to be one of the two. >> to do the wrong thing continually is not the act of a coward. lou: are you saying that the president is incapable of doing the right thing? >> i'm comparing how talented this man is. >> why doesn't he apply that? >> you know, that turns out to be laughable. the odds are empirically before him. you know, that is just unreasona
Mar 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
long? >> until september 30th i believe. >> and then there will be a debt ceiling fight in may. >> bill: i was getting to that. >> that's right. and republicans said if you are going to raise the debt ceiling they still want the same amount of cuts to go through. president obama has made it very clear to house republicans he is not going to negotiate on debt ceiling, just pass it clean, but they are probably going to put up a fight. >> bill: democrats last time made a lot of political hay, by taking the ryan budget and hanging it republican's necks. and they are going to do that this time? >> i am told they are making at it central focus of the 2014 campaign. however, republicans -- remember what happened last time. and they are trying to get out in front now. this budget balances the budget in ten years. they are confidence the balanced budget message will resinate with the american people. and so there are the first television ads using the balanced budget message as their key point in new york and florida. >> bill: interesting they would pick new york and f
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am EDT
wants budget cuts or reforms to accompany company a boost in the debt ceiling. the speaker held a news conference to talk about sequestration and whether or not a grand bargain could be negotiated between democrats and republicans. >> we have made clear we need cuts and reforms to put us on a path to balance the budget. president has been clear that he will not address the crisis until we are willing to raise taxes. at this point in time, i don't know how we go forward. i would suggest out of this budget process might be our best opportunity. >> speaker boehner. our independent line. a federal worker. what is your experience right now? caller: white a bit. -- quite a bit. i work with the air force. you can see the tuition assistance has been suspended. that has been a big impact for a lot of people. for federal workers, it is a 20% hit for a furlough. this fiscal year, a lot of money has already been spent halfway through the year. they have to make up the difference with the money that is left over, which is -- it might not seem like a lot but there are quite a few federal workers tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3